what is uvss

UVSS(Under Vehicle Scanning System), is a dedicated device installed on the surface of the vehicle entrance or exit to obtain high-definition images of the bottom of the vehicles. The main component of the under vehicle scanning system is an optical camera, which can obtain raw images of the chassis when the vehicle passing through. Because the camera is installed on the road and very close to the vehicle chassis, it can not capture the whole bottom of the vehicle in one go, thus special image processing algorithms are used to process all images captured by the camera while vehicle driving through and generate a complete scan result of the whole vehicle chassis.
The under vehicle scanning system is quite different compare to the under vehicle inspection mirror or under vehicle inspection video system, as it can form a complete image of the vehicle chassis, allow security staff to check the bottom of the vehicle easily and zoom in to any details of interest. Further more, high resolution under vehicle images provide possibility of using Artificial Intelligent Algorithm to analyze and search for suspicious objects or contraband such as drugs and weapons, reduce the workload of security staff. Therefore, UVSS plays a very import role in the global security market and is widely used in various anti-terrorism fields.