Support Bidirectional Scan

Embedded bi-directional trigger; Automatically detect the vehicle direction.

Single Camera For Bidirectional License Plate Recognition

Capture and recognize front license plate while enter and rear license plate while exit;Only one LPR needed for bi-directional UVSS system.

Ultra Slim Modular Design

Easy to replace faulty part;IP68 waterproof standard;Working temperature from -40°C to 70°C.

Stainless Steel Protector

Load bearing capacity up to 60 tone of vehicle.
uvdm110 stainless steel cover

Various of ISP Functions

ISP functions can automatically apply to all scans automatically.

Support High Vehicle Speed

Up to 45km/h for surface mount and portable models;Up to 100km/h for flush mount models.

UVDM110 is capable of further AI algorithm, such as foreign object detection(FOD) and driver face detection.