Dual Mode UVSS
4th Generation, Dual Mode UVSS
Area Scan Chassis Image
Scan Image
Area Scan Chassis Image, 4K Resolution
Stainless Steel Cover

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We develop and provide automated inspection systems for vehicles
UVDM110 is an innovative 4th generation UVSS system, using area scan technology and line scan technology simultaneously to effectively scan and inspect the chassis of vehicles to search and analyze for suspicious objects or contraband such as drugs and weapons.
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UVVS100 can automatically detect incoming vehicles, automatically turn on LED lights and start video recording.
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UVRB100 has been designed to use two camera, visual remote control system for simple setup and operations. The kit is perfect for perimeter security, observation posts, dead space monitoring.
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VICS100 is designed delicately for vehicle chassis inspection, which output scan images with very low distortion, which is ideal for AI applications to detect faulty on chassis.
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IIRS100 Airport Runway Scanner is designed to digitize airport runway for maintenance or foreign object detection, which is also suitable for highway inspection.
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Line scan UVSS can not support FOD

Line scan technology can not detect the speed of vehicle, so multiple scan of same vehicle will generate different results […]

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Line scan technology involves building up an image, one line at a time, using a line sensor (linear array), which […]

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