IIRS100 Airport Runway Scanner

Digi Vision Technology delivers IIRS100 Airport Runway scanning system, which is a high speed high resolution runway scanner, can operate under severe weather and imaging not affected by vehicle speed. IIRS100 is ideal for digitize airport runway or FOD applications.


IIRS100 Airport Runway Scanning system have one model.
IIRS100 Scanner Van fit for all airport runway scan requirement.
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High Resolution Color Imaging

Every pixel map to 0.5mm, all details of surface can be seen clearly.
runway scan image

Can operate under severe weather

Have LED illuminate system to support work during night, and all modules designed with water proof ability to work under severe weather.

No distortion caused by different vehicle speed

Adopt Area Scan technology, which guarantee no distortion generated while vehicle speed change. Scan result keep same scale ratio compare to scan target.
runway no distortion

Self Contained System

IIRS100 have all components loaded in the van while transfer, and can be ready for scan within 1 hour from reach airport.
iirs100 install