UVVS100 Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Digi Vision Technology delivers UVVS100 under vehicle video surveillance system adopts a fully automatic design, which can automatically detect incoming vehicles, automatically turn on the LED light and start video recording.
When playback, according to time stamp, stored video segments can be easily located and play synchronized.

Multiple Models

UVVS100 Under Vehicle Surveillance System have two different models, which fit for different requirements.
UVVS100 flush mount system suitable for scenarios require permanent installation.
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UVVS100 surface mount system suitable for scenarios require permanent installation while road damage is not allowed.
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All-round Surveillance

System can connect cameras for license plate and driver, provides all-round surveillance.

Up to 3 Channels

System can connect up to 3 channel of chassis cameras, fit requirements for extra wide vehicles.
uvvs100 3 channel

UVVS100 is a new Generation of Under Vehicle Surveillance system, Which is Fully Automatic, NOT a Traditional Surveillance System Any More.

Fully Automatic

System detects vehicle approaching, turn on LED and start video record automatically.

Synchronize Record and Play Back

System automatic record all video channels and play back all video clips synchronously, save lots of disk space.

Ultra Slim Modular Design

Easy to replace faulty part;IP68 waterproof standard;Working temperature from -40°C to 70°C.

Stainless Steel Protector

Load bearing capacity up to 60 tone of vehicle.
uvvs100 stainless steel cover